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Flights from Lima to Juliaca

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About Lima

The capital of the Republic of Peru is attractive to tourists for its exquisite cuisine and its striking architecture that manages to perfectly preserve the colonial style and mix it with the traditional and contemporary.  These buildings add life to the various neighborhoods where visitors can enjoy pleasant strolls in the open air, amidst museums and mansions. As Lima is a seaside city, it has beautiful beaches only half an hour away from the northern zone, where tourists can relax or practice water sports. This destination is undoubtedly a must visit.

About the airport

Peru's Jorge Chávez Airport is Lima's main air terminal. It is located in the province of CALLAO on the coast of South America, making it one of the best connected airports in the rest of the American continent for international flights. Transportation between the airport and the city is largely by cab. 

What to do Lima?

For a SMART experience, we recommend visiting the historic center of the city, where you will find the Main Square of Lima, the Cathedral Basilica, the Government Palace and the Church of San Francisco. Enjoy an entertaining tour and admire the traditional architecture. In the evening visit the Magic Water Circuit, which features a show of thirteen water fountains that mix music, water and laser lights. The district of Barranco is a bohemian area, with restaurants, bars, cafes and urban art. It is also well known for preserving traditional spaces. The Miraflores neighborhood is in the waterfront area of the city, perfect for kitesurfing or surfing. It also offers parks, gardens and shopping malls.

When to go? Lima?

From December to March, Lima offers tourists the comfort they need to enjoy the beautiful beaches or a tour of the city, and the pleasant weather makes it a destination to visit all year round. If you are passionate about ancient civilizations and their agricultural, urban and architectural history and have chosen to visit the Machu Pichu Ruins in Peru, we recommend the months of June, July and August to visit this place because of the low rainfall. However, if you have decided to visit Lake TITICACA, the highest navigable lake in the world, you should be aware of the extreme weather in this region, as it is affected by storms and floods in the middle of summer.

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