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About Rosario

Travel to Rosario flying at ULTRA LOW prices with JetSMART. Only 300 km from Buenos Aires, the capital of Argentina, is this beautiful city that borders the Paraná River. It has an important historical load thanks to the National Flag Monument, symbolizing the creation of the National Flag that was raised by General Belgrano on February 27, 1812. Some define this destination as “the multipurpose city”, that due to its Charm and activities offered around culture, sports, landscapes and gastronomy.

About the airport

Located 13 kilometers from Rosario, it is an airport easily accessible by private vehicle, taxis, remises, aeromovi and urban passenger transport. Inside it has free Wi-Fi access for those who need an Internet connection. In addition, there are restaurants, cafes and Duty Free Shop stores in the international departure and boarding rooms for those who wish to shop at the last minute. The same happens with other services such as currency exchange, vehicle rental, luggage sealing, among others.

What to do Rosario?

Rosario is a city with a lot of history, so the first mandatory stop is the National Flag Monument, where it will not only be the beginning of a city tour, but also a very good place to have panoramic views of it. While it has the charm of a city with its restaurants, bars and museums, it is also known for being the birthplace of Lionel Messi and Che Guevara, as well as other important characters from Argentina. On the other hand, the Paraná River allows to know its coastal edge - with the beautiful resort of La Florida and Costanera Norte - by kayak, catamaran or bicycle, making it a very different attraction to other cities.

When to go? Rosario?

All times of the year are good to know Rosario. This huge city never goes out, so there will always be activities and places to enjoy. The high season is definitely autumn, just with the beginning of Holy Week, so the city is lit more than ever with festivals and other cultural activities. However, that exquisite mixture of city and nature awaits its visitors at all times.

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