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Sao Paulo

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About Sao Paulo

Escape to Sao Paulo with the best SMART rates and discover all the magnificence of this wonderful city that combines beaches, mountains, financial centers and the best attractions making your leisure or business trip an unforgettable experience. The city itself does not have its own coastline, but close to the town you can enjoy great beaches for everyone. If you are a surf fan, Maresias and Itamambuca are for you. For city lovers, walking along Paulista Avenue, taking a walk through Ibirapuera Park or visiting the Sao Paulo Art Museum will be an excellent choice.

About the airport

Located in Guarulhos, 22 kilometers northeast of downtown Sao Paulo, the Sao Paulo-Guarulhos International Airport, or better known as Cumbica, is one of the four air terminals operating in this city. Due to its location, the trip to the center of the city of Sao Paulo takes approximately 45 minutes and can be easily reached by bus, car or taxi. At the airport you will find currency exchange shops, bank branches and Duty-Free Shop to buy souvenirs or gifts.

What to do Sao Paulo?

Start your day walking along Paulista Avenue, the city's main road, with its tall skyscrapers, financial district, restaurants and a variety of entertainment options such as Trianon Park, the Sao Paulo Art Museum, the Botanical Garden and the City Market among many others. A must-see is the Sao Paulo Aquarium which has more than 300 exotic species and fascinating animals. The Plaza de la Republica is a good option if you want to be in contact with art, as on Sundays there is a typical fair with stands that sell handicrafts, offer local cuisine and more. A perfect activity for the family is visiting the Ibirapuera Park, which has cafeterias, pedestrian walkways, children's playground, bicycle racks and an auditorium.

When to go? Sao Paulo?

It will always be a good time to visit Sao Paulo, however the months between April and September are the least rainy. Its temperate climate invites you to walk its streets and more traditional places. During June and July it is colder, with minimum temperatures reaching 10°C. Don't think twice, make a SMART decision now and buy your tickets to tour this great city.

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