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About Antofagasta

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"La Perla Del Norte" or Mining Capital is located to the North of the Pacific coast and stands out for its gastronomy, history, heritage, landscapes, adventure tourism, entertainment and nightlife, everything that will make your trip a totally SMART experience.

About the airport

The Antofagasta airport is one of the most attractive in our country. It is located to the north of the city very close to the coast, which makes you to feel as if you were entering the sea when you land. You can take a taxi, a shuttle service or a private car to go to the city. The trip to the city takes about 30 minutes and bring you closer to the busiest places in the city. 

What to do Antofagasta?

Due to its location Antofagasta stands out for its activities in the coast. To live a SMART experience we recommend adventure sports such as diving, surfing, paragliding, etc. You can also enjoy a night walk along the artificial beaches and its gastronomy in the fishing terminal where you can try products taken directly from the sea. Another alternative is to enjoy its history as to travel the saltpeter route, visit the national monument La Portada, the Ruins of Huanchaca and the Mano del Desierto (Desert Hand).

When to go? Antofagasta?

The weather in the region is very pleasant, so any weekend would be a good excuse to get away. For much of the year it is clear and warm, but at night the temperature drops drastically. If you enjoy the culture of the local people, we recommend you to travel in the second half of the year and enjoy the great Heritage Route that offers a tour of the typical festivals and customs of the region. 

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