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About Calama

Travel to CALAMA on the lowest prices airline in Chile.
Mining City of the Region of Antofagasta and entrance to the Desert of Atacama. Here are the most important museums that, in the middle of valleys and mountains, protect the archaeological and anthropological heritage of the region.  Don't miss the Alto El Loa Tourist Circuit, San Pedro de Atacama and the Jama and Sico International Road.

About the airport

"El Loa" airport is located south of Calama city. From Santiago the flight can last up to 2 hours without a stopover. We recommend not moving too fast after getting off the plane and always carry plenty of water, as you might get mountain sickness since the altitude of the place can reach 4 thousand meters above sea level. Outside there is public transport available such as shuttles and taxis that will take you to your desired destination. More Information at:

What to do Calama?

To live a SMART experience we recommend you to take your bike, your cell phone and ride through this incredible destination where you can capture the most beautiful photographs of the world. Among the activities not to be missed are visiting San Pedro de Atacama and the Valle de la Luna which houses a set of shapes that resemble a fragment of the lunar landscape due to the millions of colors and textures in the middle of the desert. Also visit Geyser del Tatio, a field of geysers that in the early morning has an impressive steam activity due to the high temperatures of its craters and Salar de Tara, Los Flamencos National Reserve, a spectacular biosystem of varied flora and fauna, where you can see the Pacana Monks, giant vertical stones shaped by the erosion of wind mixed with vegetation, rivers and lagoons.

When to go? Calama?

Plan your trip with JetSMART and travel all year round at any time. One of the best alternatives will always be to escape to the desert. What you must bear in mind, as in the whole altiplano, is that temperatures are extreme. Days can be very hot and nights can be really cold. That's why you should be prepared to travel, with the right clothes to resist the weather. 

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