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About Puerto Natales

Travel to Puerto Natales flying at ULTRA LOW prices on JetSMART. This port city of the southern tip of Chile is located in the north of the Magallanes and Chilean Antarctic Region, bounded by the Pacific Ocean - with beautiful fjords - and surrounded by the imposing mountains of the Andes Mountains. Its wonderful geography and its variable climatic conditions make it a unique destination. It has a very good connection with Punta Arenas, the capital of the region that is only 247 kilometers away.

About the airport

Teniente Julio Gallardo Airport has 1,207 square meters and has an access hall, cafeteria, boarding and disembarkation area, as well as exterior landscaping; object of the reopening that took place in 2016. Only 8 kilometers from Puerto Natales, you will have different alternatives to connect; Private transfer, taxis or vehicle rental.

What to do Puerto Natales?

There are activities for everyone to connect with the beauty of the south. On the one hand, climbing the Dorotea Hill or opting for a quiet walk to the historic Braun Pier and Blanchardt will surprise you with a privileged view of the birds of the southern sky; So we recommend preparing your camera. While, an inevitable will be visiting the Torres del Paine National Park, chosen as the Eighth Wonder of the World in 2017, and which has become one of the biggest tourist attractions in the country. This, invites you to awaken your adventurous spirit, taking excursions by bicycle, on foot or on horseback to discover.

When to go? Puerto Natales?

You can enjoy this destination at all times of the year, surprising you in different ways. In spring and summer, sunny days allow you to live an incredible experience walking among rivers, mountains and landscapes unique in the world. In contrast, winter paints the mountains white and freezes lakes and rivers, making the paths and viewpoints colder, but nothing that a good hot chocolate and coat does not handle.

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