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I’m here to transform the airline industry in Chile and South America… to connect millions of people with their family, friends, their country and themselves… by making air travel possible for everyone. And I’m here to make a difference, leave a legacy and get up every day, excited to go to work. Come and see what the JetSMART spirit is… it’s a life experience!

Estuardo Ortiz, CEO

Working at JetSMART, for me, is the possibility of transforming the aviation industry in South America and connecting many people who today are unable to travel or who travel with not the best fares and connecting them with their loved ones, their dreams, improving their quality of life. In addition to being part of a first class team, that is very professional, enthusiastic, able to face multiple challenges, and who have enough strength and energy to meet those challenges, I also have fun on the road. Each one of us has a special quality seal and we are responsible for providing the best environment at JetSMART! The nice thing is to have seen our airline start, grow and to be an active witness of how we all contribute to achieve such growth. Our secret is to energize ourselves positively in order to reach our challenges

Ximena Rojas Olmedo, People Director

We want to give everyone the chance to travel. We seek to challenge ourselves everyday with simple processes; we want our passengers to perceive us as approachable and empathic. We are passionate about our work and we have a working environment that invites us to change the airline industry.

Herman Schumacher, Safety Director

I decided to be a pioneer in JetSMART so that I would have the opportunity to make a relevant and positive impact on people in Latin America through the travel experience, while at the same time I could be part of a group of excellent people and professionals who are changing aviation in the region. All of the above by offering a life changing experience in a country that has a lot to offer.

Victor Mejía, CCO

I love people and at JetSMART we make a difference, treating our crews and passengers in a close, different, friendly way. We will make it possible for all of Chile to fly with us.

Nicolás Barros, Manager of instructions and pilot

I belong to a team that believes there are no limits to dreaming, and that with our work we will transform the aeronautical industry in the region. We enjoy planning our entrance in the South American market and look forward to seeing the positive impact this will have on our clients. We dream of seeing those who have never flown and who will be able to do it for the first time on our planes at affordable prices and high quality service. We experience enthusiasm, energy and laugh together every day!

Nadia Ulloa, Management Control Manager

Working at JetSMART is teamwork and everyday new learning. We had the unique opportunity to create and then see a new ultra low-cost airline grow in a market as competitive as Chile. I love what I do and am encouraged by the many challenges and complexities we are constantly facing.

Friederike Krebbers, Itinerary and Network Development Manager